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At the Environmental Information and Technology Dissemination Centre, we take pride in delivering quality public library services. We have the most recent fiction and nonfiction books, a variety of magazines and newspapers, music CDs, DVDs, videos, audiobooks, eBooks and more of Environemtal information and data.

Specialized Services

The Centre offer a number of specialized services especially in the field of spatial data i.e.

1. High resolution image sales
The centre supplies high spatial and spectral resolution satellite imagery sales and the ITDC center supplies the imagery in partnership with international satellite image venders.

2. Remote sensed data and products
The ITDC centre provides data and information developed out of analysing remote sensed imagery and field surveys. So far, a pasture mapping model has been developed and an interactive spatial model for identification of potiential hay making areas developed

3. Making remote sensed data ready for use
ITDC offers satellite image preparation services like atmospheric and geometric corrections before the data can be used, satellite image bans stakibginto ready to use image compositions. These products are made available at country level and are also clipped to clients' area of interest.

4. Knowledge transfer of remote sensed land monitoring technology and products
The centre has partnered with generous organizations where by the developed technologies to monitor land resources including forge(for hay making), crop yield and yield prediction models can be disseminated and key stakeholders trained for ownership and sustainability purposes.

5. A conducive library reading space
Having a couple of Environmental information and reading resources, the ITDC centre has a walk in service for users to eaily access the data especially to users with interest in the field of Geo science, Environment and GIS

Library Subject Guides

The centre's information guides are provided according to various subject areas in the centre. A summary of each subject guide was made in form of a stickers on book shelves, while a detailed guide is provided be with the Information Officer. Useful announcements and information resources will be provided on the web and the online e-shop for satellite imagery sales.

User Service Guides

  1. Our Reference Collection
  2. Quick Reference
  3. The Document Collection
  4. Publications (Uganda has got huge volumes of publications in the field of environment, biodiversity, renewable and recently oil and gas. Oil and gas will be given special consideration because it will impact greatly on the environment).
  5. Serials
  6. Information and Research Services
  7. Photocopying Services
  8. Events of the Month

The enquiry line, reservations system, user notification

The Centre has an enquiry line, where somebody will be able to contact the information officer to ask any question. This will also act as a free service to quickly answer queries about different subjects pertaining to specific categories of information it handles. An online reservation system permitting users to place a material or publication on reserve for a limited time will be established - subject to resources being available.

The online reservation system will include provision for users to submit queries, complements and any other constructive input that would provide for sense of participation on their part as the service users. An automated email notification to users about newly stocked publication or those available for distribution by the Centre will be used.

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