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Economic analysis of agricultural projects

AUTHOR : James Price Gittinger
ISBN# sds 342
FORMAT: books

The project concept. Projects, the cutting edge of development. Plans and projects. Advanteges of the project format. Aspects of project preparation and analysis. The project cycle. Accuracy of agricultural project analyses. Why agricultural project analyses prove wrong. Steps in project analysis. Identifying project costs and benefits. Objectives, costs, and benefits. Direct transfer payments. Costs of agricultural projects. Tangible benefits of agricultural projects. Secondary costs and benefits. Intangible costs and benefits. Financial aspects of project analysis. Pricing project costs and benefits. Prices reflect value. Finding market prices. Predictin future prices. Prices for internationally traded commodities. Financial export and import parity prices.Farm investment analysis. Objectives of financial analysis. Preparing the farm investment analysis. Elements of farm invewstment analysis. Net benefit increase. Unit activity budgets. Computing debt service. Financial analysis of processing industries. Balance sheet. Sources-and-uses-of-funds statement. Financial ratios. Financial rate of return. Analyzing project effects on government receipts and expenditures. Economic aspects of project analysis. Determining economic values. Aggregating project accounts. Measures of project worth. Comparing project costs and benefits. Applying discounted measures of project worth. Sensitivity analysis (treatment of uncertainty). Switching value. Choosing among mutually exclusive alternatives.

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