Environmental Information and Technology Dissemination Centre was established in 2015 after realising the importance of Environmental Information and data access to decision makers, policy planners, scientists and engineers.

The centre provides a number of specialized services like high resolution images and products & satellite imagery, GIS training and it supports packaging of environmental spatial data and information which is tailored to the users through a systematic documentation.

The centre has a private free library with conducive reading space and stocked with a number of hard and soft copies of data and information resources for users.


  1. Avail data and information for environmental research, management and policy
  2. Support packaging of environmental information and documentation tailored to the user through systematic documentation, public library and geo-information kiosk.
  3. Facilitate innovation platforms on geo-spatial information and technologies.
  4. Support policy –research interface mechanisms that facilitate data and information uptake into decision making
  5. Selectively undertake documentations- meetings, workshops and conference proceedings and state of environment reports at the center's conducive sitting and reading space
about ITDC

Information materials

The centre registered support from a number of local, regional and international organizations

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Centre physical Layout

The Centre will be located within the offices of ESIPSS. As observed, it has already acquired wooden shelves, tables and chairs.

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Media Section

Information within the Data Centre is stored in different formats some of which include CDs, DVDs, Video tapes and cassettes.

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info centre information officer
Information Officer

The Officer will monitor and manage the Centre. However, an Information management software, will be used to simplify centre management

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Environmental Information and Technology Dissemination Centre is an innovative Information and a diverse learning centre, located at ESIPPS International

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