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  • Geo-Mapping for HAY Making in Climate Stressed Rangelands (GEO4HRC)

    Project report and Proceeding for the Research Dissemination and training workshop on taking forward the innovation on Geo-mapping for Hay mapping in Climate Stressed Rangelands (GEO4HRC)

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  • AgriSense-STARS Project in Uganda for Potential National Partners and Stakeholders

    Project report for AgriSense-STARS Project in Uganda. A project about piloting methods and tools to improve crop condition monitoring, production forecasting, accuracy and timeliness using remote sensing information 

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  • WWF, 2011: Clean Energy Stakeholders' Capacity Needs Assessment Study of Central and Albertine Districts of Uganda.

    Report prepared ESIPPS International Ltd consultants: Bemigisha J.,Sebbiti, A., Begumana, J., Namara, A, and Makuma-Massa, H.

  • WWF 2013: Documentation of the extent of illegal trade in timber, charcoal, and wildlife trade in the Greater Virunga Landscape

    Draft Report, prepared by consultants: Mapesa, M., Kyampaire, O., Begumana, J., Bemigisha, J., Makuma-Massa, H

  • IUCN, ACF, 2011: Framework for restoration of degraded rangelands of Okok sub-catchment: Recommendations for rangeland management and restoration of environmental health in the Okok sub-catchment, Karamoja region.

    Policy brief prepared by Bemigisha, J. and Makuma-Massa, H.

  • Enhancing Climate Change and Variability Science Research for a Resilient Agricultural System in Uganda. National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) Climate Change Research Strategy 2011-2015. NARL-NARO, Uganda. Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Uganda (SS-ENRM CCA).

    Bemigisha, J., Komutunga, E., Mubiru D. N., and Agona, A., 2011

  • Mainstreaming sustainable land management in activities of six cattle corridor districts of Uganda

    Hartman, I., Bemigisha, J., Mahoro E., and Makuma-Massa, H., 2013: Mid-term evaluation

  • The Republic of Uganda, 2013: Strategic Environment Assessment of Oil and Gas activities in the Albertne Graben of Uganda.

    Final Report September, 2013.

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